About Us


Our History

Established in 2022, our shipping and forwarding company embarked on a journey driven by a vision to redefine global logistics. From humble beginnings, we navigated the complexities of international trade with precision and dedication. Over the years, strategic alliances, cutting-edge technology, and a customer-centric approach propelled us forward. As a result, we evolved into a powerhouse in the industry, earning a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Through economic shifts and industry advancements, our company has stood resilient, adapting and innovating to meet the ever-changing demands of the global market. Today, our rich history serves as a testament to our ability to not only weather the storms of the shipping and forwarding industry but to emerge stronger and more agile. Looking ahead, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering seamless logistics solutions, building on our legacy of excellence and charting new courses in the dynamic world of international trade.

Ground Shipping

As a premier shipping and forwarding company, our comprehensive services extend to ground logistics, ensuring secure and timely transport of goods via our dedicated fleet of trucks for the utmost satisfaction of our valued clientele.

Air Freight

As a leading shipping and forwarding company, our commitment to excellence extends to maritime logistics, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for our clients through efficient cargo transport by sea.

How It Works


Choose Your Service

We pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of services, catering to the unique needs of our customers and ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to their logistics requirements.

  • LCL
  • FCL
  • Trucking

Select Your Payment

Enhancing convenience, we offer our customers a range of flexible payment options, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free transaction experience tailored to individual preferences.

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • QRIS

Tracking Your Order

Empowering our customers with transparency, our advanced tracking system allows them to effortlessly monitor and trace the journey of their shipments in real-time, ensuring peace of mind and informed decision-making throughout the logistics process.